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Heidi Olsen

Welcome friend,

I am a solutions-oriented engineer who is passionate about structuring, iterating, and nurturing systems of community & code.

A little about my journey

I am currently a Senior Frontend Engineer at Bumped, helping build a design system to bridge the gap between native and DOM. Previously I was a Lead Software Engineer at eROI (now Thesis). I started my career working with various startups and small businesses as a web developer and co-owner of a creative studio called 3 Hound Design.

Currently exploring:

  • Building design systems with Gatsby and Storybook
  • Opportunities to contribute to open source and help establish a safe and inclusive tech community

Speaking & Sharing

Featured ConferenceBoston, MA & San Francisco, CA

2019 OCT & 2019 NOV

Litmus Live

Effective Storytelling with Data Visualization

Email marketers have more data than ever when it comes to subscribers. That doesn’t mean we’re putting it to work, though. By innovating how we think about data and, more importantly, present that data to subscribers, we can tell effective stories that inspire subscribers to engage with us. In this session, we’ll walk through various datasets and how they can be leveraged through visual design, HTML, and CSS to create more innovative emails for our subscribers.

Selected Writing

  • CSS Animations, Research, UX

    Using CSS animations to guide a better eCommerce experience

  • CSS Animation, How-To, SVG

    Techniques for SVG animation and development

  • How-To, MySQL, PHP

    Create an interactive quiz with PHP

  • Design System, Email

    Budgeted Fun: How a design system can facilitate innovation

  • Automation, Email, Process

    Automation to Innovation - Bringing the human touch to your email program

  • Data, Email, Interactive Techniques

    Data-driven innovation in email

  • CSS Animation, Email, How-To

    CSS animated slideshow in email

  • Process, Research, Wordpress

    How to smartly adapt a new framework