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Heidi Olsen

Welcome friend,

Thank you for attending my talk at Litmus Live about Effective Storytelling with Data Visualization! Here you will find code samples of accessible data viz in email as well as additional resources to help get you started.

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Code Samples

You can view Data Viz in Email code samples on CodePen or download and contribute to the Github Repository.


  • Read

    • Storytelling with Data
      Dive into visual perception and the fundamentals of data visualization.
    • Good Charts
      Great guide to how data visualization works and how to use it to impress and persuade.
    • Info We Trust
      This book does a really great job of showing you how to tell inspiring stories through data in unconventional ways.
    • Creating Accessible Tables
      WebAIM article on how to create accessible tables in HTML.
  • Listen

    • Data Viz Today
      A Podcast that dissects the tools, methods, and techniques used in data viz.
    • Storytelling with Data, the Podcast
      Author of the book by the same name, Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic interviews other data viz creators on the challenges and techniques they use to create engaging visualizations.
    • 99% Invisible
      While not specifically about data visualization, 99% Invisible is about the thought that goes into the designs we don't think about.
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