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Heidi Olsen

Selected Writing

Nothing helps solidify a concept like teaching it to someone else and I really enjoy distilling complex ideas into digestible chunks.

  • CSS Animations, Research, UX

    Using CSS animations to guide a better eCommerce experience

  • CSS Animation, How-To, SVG

    Techniques for SVG animation and development

  • How-To, MySQL, PHP

    Create an interactive quiz with PHP

  • Design System, Email

    Budgeted Fun: How a design system can facilitate innovation

  • Automation, Email, Process

    Automation to Innovation - Bringing the human touch to your email program

  • Data, Email, Interactive Techniques

    Data-driven innovation in email

  • CSS Animation, Email, How-To

    CSS animated slideshow in email

  • Process, Research, Wordpress

    How to smartly adapt a new framework

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© 2022 Heidi Olsen. Illustration credit to Northwest Nina and headshot credit to Katie Fujihara.